• Superstars Stage Academy, Sharon Clancy, Suzanne O Leary
  • Superstars Stage Academy, Wexford, Enniscorthy, New Ross
  • Musical Theatre, Drama, Acting, Dance, Singing-classes, Wexford, Enniscorthy, New Ross

SUPERSTARS STAGE ACADEMY is bouncing back into it’s third year in Wexford, Enniscorthy and New Ross this September and continuing to ignite the imagination of kids from 4 – 18, providing opportunities to build confidence, learn life skills and establish healthy friendships, all while learning to dance, sing and perform!  Reach for the Stars!!!

Initiating a faculty of some of the most experienced creative talents Wexford has to offer, the SUPERSTARS STAGE ACADEMY will position itself as the number one musical theatre performing arts academy in Wexford, with opportunities to branch out into TV and Film work since the Academy launched its SUPERSTARS AGENCY.

Hands on experience will come in the form various performances during the year.  The SUPERSTARS STAGE ACADEMY will work hard to fulfill every child’s dream of being the best that they can be, and transform them into confident, fully fledged performers with stellar futures.  If your child likes to perform, the SUPERSTARS STAGE ACADEMY is the place to be.

The brainchild of Director, Producer and Choreographer Suzanne O’Leary, and West End Star, Actress and Singer Sharon Clancy, the SUPERSTARS STAGE ACADEMY will opened centres in Wexford, New Ross and Enniscorthy.  The faculty includes Director Tom O’Leary, Musical Director Vicky Clancy, Vocal Coach Yvette Walsh, Director Paula Walsh and Dance Teachers Maria Gore, Sinead Reck & Jonny Smith along with West End Masterclasses with current West End stars from London.